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What You Need To Know Before Buying That New Steam Generator Iron

The steam generator iron consists of two parts. One part is the normal steam iron and the other part is a separate water tank that sits on top of the steam iron. There are a number of benefits of this separate water tank. It allows generation of much most steam at a much higher pressure as compared to the regular steam iron.

Therefore, this iron is more suitable for larger loads that can be ironed quickly. Since separate water tank allows steam to be delivered at a high pressure, it makes ironing quicker and much easier. There are a number of features that separate a high-quality model from other models. If you are looking to buy a new iron, here are a few pointers on how to select a new steam generator iron.

While these irons can produce steam at a very high rate, there are times when you need to change the amount of steam produced. Most of the models available today come with variable speed settings for generation of steam. Usually, the speed settings are available in low, medium and high.

It allows you to choose the amount of speed that you need for ironing particular material. Usually, this setting is adjusted with the help of a dial. So, higher steam can be generated for ironing items such as jeans whereas low setting can be used for materials such as cottons.

Soleplate refers to the metal plate of the iron that comes into direct contact with the garment being ironed. Needless to say, the soleplate needs to be of high quality to ensure that it does not cause any damage to the clothes and just glides over the garment. However, one of the common problems of these irons is that the holes from which the steam comes out start getting rusty after some time which leads to problems during ironing.

Therefore, you need to choose an iron that comes with self-cleaning sole plate. The common materials for making soleplate include aluminum, palladium and ceramic. The soleplates are going to get damaged with time as these get scratched when these come in contact with the metal buttons on the clothes. With time, the soleplate starts to catch and pluck clothes which results in damage to the clothes. Some of the newer models come with the soleplates made from materials with anti-scratch properties.

Some of the newer models also come with anti drip feature that prevents water from dripping onto the clothes. Some of the lower end models that do not have this feature have water dripping out of the steam holes.

Depending on the kind of water you use, you will have scale buildup in the tank. Most of the water supplies in the UK are hard which means that scale will develop over time. Some of the models available in the market come with features that do not allow the scales to buildup. While some use filter cartridges whereas others use devices that can be used again after cleaning. So, pay close attention to this feature otherwise it may result in additional cost on a monthly basis.

Another important factor is the availability of spare parts. No matter how much you care for your steam iron, some of the parts will need replacement or repair after some time. Therefore, you need to make sure that spare parts for that particular model are easily available in case you need to get them replaced.

Overall, these are some of the features that affect the performance of a steam generator iron. There are several other features that you also need to take into consideration to buy the ideal iron for your personal needs. Do not forget to check the warranty offered by the manufacturer before clicking that buy button.

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